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Occupational Therapists Etc

Rehabilitation Computer Training Courses


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Spread over a long time, for well over 20 years we can show a successful proven history, in providing customised & tailored One on One training and support for those trainees and students wishing to re-enter the workforce after injury.

Career Change for Injured Worker – Admin

Whether it be physical or emotional injury, we offer courses that ensure trainees are well equipped to move into Admin Work, a different type and style of workplace, from that of their past. Our own past Business careers for over 30 years, have been heavily involved in

  • Office Management,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • MYOB,
  • Quickbooks,
  • MS Office,
  • MS Excel,
  • Social Media, Instagram & Facebook


Career Experience

Some of the various industries it which we have extended experience

include inter alia :-

  • Accounting – Professional & Commercial
  • Transport
  • Hospitality Food and Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Training – Bookkeeping Courses,
  • Training Computer Courses, Tablet and Smart Phone Devices
  • Training Workshop Courses for Small groups 3-5 and
  • Information Overviews for much Larger groups



One on One Training :-

This One on One training allows for a more personalised approach in dealing with an digital and technical area that can be so daunting to beginners.

Our One on One methods can offer computer training courses & workshops to trainees & students at distant locations :-

  • Face to Face at the student’s & trainee’s place
  • Online training using Zoom, Skype etc
  • By Telephone

Course Materials for Self-Pacing in private

All courses use very Comprehensive Workbooks printed on demand in Melbourne which incorporate the time saving course files concepts.

Other handbooks and videos for ancillary support are also available.


Workers Compensation, Workcover,  CRS, NDS etc

We work closely with these providers, and we understand the many issues involved to ensure a happy and successful outcome for all involved.

Occupational Therapists

Quite often, these are the first group with whom we make contact, before commencing a dedicated course structure. Normal procedure is to offer a complimentary telephone assessment with the proposed trainee.

In the equation to be able to quote a firm price, we consider the :-

  • Entry level – (Present Skill Level)
  • Exit Level – (Desired Skill Level & Outcome to reach)
  • Timeframe – (The appropriate time to reach the Outcome)


Certificate of Course Completion.

We understand that a successful outcome for the trainee, involves enhancing the opportunities for a speedy return to the workforce. We report progressively to the case officers, of the progress being made towards issuing a certificate of course completion. All trainees are offered individual email and phone support for some time after delivering the elements of the course.