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Hi Ray,

I have completed Module 1 and am ready to dive into book 2 now.

Please see below for my feedback:

After the 3 day one-on-one training with Ray I felt ready to tackle the work books. He was approachable and able to ascertain my learning style after a short initial meeting and adapted the work to best suit my needs. He was open and friendly and provided much in the way of advice, tips and follow-up contact.

I have found that I knew much more than I believed I did regarding various Programs and with my Tutor’s  encouragement and teaching I am now excelling in my job and have a deeper understanding of the “why’s” behind my daily tasks.

After working on the 3 day one-on-one course I have been able to fly through the workbooks and apply this knowledge in my workplace, impressing co-workers and bosses with my understanding.

As we covered a lot of ground in the 3 day sessions, I have extensive notes to fall back on as well as emails, videos and phone contact should I need it. The Tutor was able to gauge my ability to absorb information and tailor the one on one contact so as not to overwhelm me.

I recommend this course for anyone needing to set up a new business or working with an existing company.

Thank you for your help Ray, I am happy for my comments to appear on your advertising should you wish to display them

Will be in touch as I work through the next 2 books.

Cheers,      Kyla.


Hello Ray,

I surprised myself yesterday and actually enjoyed the whole day. I learnt so so much my head was spinning with ideas that I can’t wait to implement.

I am happy to continue with your method next week remembering that this was especially for Robyn so I will be content with whatever extra tips I manage to pick up.

I will forward the videos to my home email and watch as many as I can before next week.

Love the  resources.

Regards,       Geraldine C – Administration Assistant


Hi Ray,

Feedback below.

Ray was very knowledgeable on the subject matter. He was very patient with us, as our skills as a group, were varied.

He tried not to overload us with too much information at once. The course materials provided were helpful in continuing the training outside of the course time alotted at work. The videos emailed to us were very informative with their hints & tips. I would recommend Ray & the course to others as he made the experience an enjoyable one. I look forward to learning more about MS Excel in the future & how it can assist me in my job.

You may use my feedback as a testimonial if you wish.

Kind Regards,   Belinda


“An On-site Cattle Property – Training workshop for husband and wife, over 3 days.
Hi Ray,
In reply to your email: we feel the trainer had excellent knowledge of the subject matter; he was very patient and understanding of our circumstances; there was a lot of knowledge delivered which I think overwhelmed the student at first, but I think once he practices a bit and gets to draw on the knowledge in his own time, he won’t feel so overwhelmed; the materials left were excellent and far more than we had anticipated; I fully intend to recommend the trainer and the course we undertook; time was our enemy and perhaps we could have devoted more to the computer and kept the student a little more on track, with maybe more hands on activities for him. Summing up, we both learnt a lot and look forward to practicing when time allows. We enjoyed your company too Ray, and I think you cast out a lot of demons for Andy.
He will be a lot more confident now in researching and exploring.
Thank you very much.